DeKalb County Conservation District

The DeKalb County Soil and Water Conservation District meets virtually on the second Friday of every month, beginning at 10am. Meetings are open to the public and we encourage everyone who can to attend at least one. Zoom meetings will be posted on this page the week of; our next meeting will be September 9, 2022.

The DeKalb County Soil and Water Conservation District  (DSWCD) supports and initiates environmental education and stewardship opportunities for DeKalb residents, schools and stakeholders in both the private and public sectors.  While the District does not have governing or enforcement powers, their influence has coalesced local, State and Federal action to address land disturbance, soil erosion and ordinance enforcement in cities and unincorporated areas across DeKalb County.

As a District, we investigate all DeKalb county citizen reports of stream or land disturbance violations and issues. Please see our link “Ways to Get Involved” for more information for residents and your community.

Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) were created in 1937 by the Georgia General Assembly to protect the state’s soil and water resources following the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s.  Districts provide a way for citizens to set local resource priorities for state and federal assistance programs. 

Today, Georgia has 40 SWCDs encompassing all 159 counties. Throughout the state, 370 district supervisors meet and work to conserve, improve and protect Georgia’s natural resources.  Each county is represented by at least two district supervisors, one appointed and one elected.  District supervisors are unpaid state officials who work hand-in-hand with the Georgia Soil & Water Conservation Commission and the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service.

For more information about your Soil and Water Conservation District, email:



DeKalb Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor

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